Private developers approached Harbour to design a contract brewery using BIM. The 20,000 SF building houses a 3 barrel brew-house system, 20 fermenting tanks (100-200hl), milling room, cold room storage, kegging/bottling/canning line, offices, shipping/receiving, reception, and most importantly, a tasting room.

With these programmatic demands, BIM allowed Harbour to show their clients exactly how the space will accommodate their needs, providing 3D sections, plans, elevations, and realistic renderings that accurately depict how the spaces will feel.

Modeling every square inch of equipment and building gave Harbour’s team the capability to estimate construction and material costs accurately.

The model also allowed our team to determine the most efficient plan/schedule of building construction, all within our client’s budget and timeframe.

The Peter Hand Brauhaus is a Contract Brewery concept, where the building and equipment are leased out by various craft and artisan brewers.

By modeling the entire brewery system along with the building systems, Harbour was able to find creative integration of waste heat from the brewing equipment into the mechanical systems of the building, thus reducing cost and energy. By implementing a water cistern and collecting all the stormwater typically run off by the roof, Harbour reduced the facility’s water footprint, making the brewery meet sustainable certifications.


Peter Hand Brewery


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