An experienced and expert team dedicated to your project

One thing that sets Harbour apart is its breadth of experience in construction management across a broad landscape of industries and projects. Harbour matches our extensive capacity with deep-rooted expertise, assembling qualified teams specifically suited to each undertaking. Our three Specialized Business Units mean our client’s strongest group of professionals with the highest level of experience in corporate facilities, transportation, and logistics infrastructure, special projects, and more. 

In reliable and dedicated hands, at every step of the way

In addition to our management, administrative, and support personnel, Harbour employs over 100 construction and engineering professionals. This group of staff includes project managers, superintendents, engineers (civil, architectural, structural, electrical, and mechanical), inspectors, and estimators. With Harbour, you and your team can rest assured throughout the entire construction process that your project remains safe and on track in meeting your goals.


Merging the designing and building processes can help streamline your project, ensuring an accelerated timeline and a cohesive final product.Learn More

Construction Management

We're here to ensure the best quality, the smoothest process, and the highest return on your investment with our Construction Management services.Learn More

General Contractor

Harbour continues to draw on decades of general contracting experience and long-standing relationships with the most reliable subcontractors.Learn More

Engineering Procurement Construction

Ensure a highly efficient construction process, while maintaining transparency and structured approval procedures. Learn More

Building Information Modeling (BIM)

We harness the latest technology to visualize a project's construction and operations, enabling thorough planning, seamless execution, and a perfect final product. Learn More


The Harbour philosophy is that Safety Management starts long before the first shovel hits the ground and remains the key to Harbour's long-standing safety program's success.Learn More

Geographic Information System

Surveying and mapping allows Harbour’s expert technicians to prepare thorough plans for the most complex building projects.Learn More