At Harbour, safety is not a motto or a slogan; it is part of our culture. Harbour is committed to providing a safe working environment for all employees, contractors, clients and the public. Our dedication to this commitment has earned us an industry leading safety record that we are proud of.


Our philosophy is safety management starts long belong the first shovel hits the ground, and remains the key to the success of our safety program. The easiest hazard to avoid is one that doesn’t exist. During the design and pre-construction phases we perform safety analyses of the components of the project and work with the design team to engineer out potential safety concerns. We develop our project site logistics, phasing and schedule to eliminate risks and plan the work in the safest possible manner.


In addition to our extensive corporate safety program, we develop a site specific safety plan for each project. This plan proactively addresses the specific hazards of each individual project and engages the services of an third party safety consultant to provide independent audits and inspections.


During construction, our field superintendents incorporate safety into every decision made. They continually monitor working habits and procedures. Regular audits are performed to ensure a safe working environment. Compliance is part of our program, but our goal is not simply to comply. Our goal is that every person entering our site leaves the same way they arrived. This is a team effort and we encourage joint enforcement. Every single person on the site has full authority to stop work for an unsafe condition.