At Harbour, safety is not a motto or “buzzword;” it is our company culture. We know that success starts with a complete commitment to promoting safety management in all things we do. Since 1959, we have been developing multi-faceted safety processes and procedures to implement on our job sites which help ensure everyone goes home. With industry experience in some of the largest, most potentially hazardous environments, Harbour’s growing team remains fully committed to providing everyone the safest possible working environment, including all employees, contractors, clients, and the general public. Our dedication to a “people-first” mentality has helped us earn an industry-leading safety record that we hold with utmost pride.

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Safety Management Program

We firmly believe that safety management begins long before the first shovel hits the ground and remains the key to the success of our safety program. We know that the easiest hazard to avoid is one that doesn’t exist, and our teams understand that strong leadership is fundamental in successfully implementing Harbour’s safety management program.

Our teams perform safety analyses of the project’s components in the design and pre-construction phases. Harbour then works with the design team to engineer potential safety concerns. We develop our project site logistics, phasing, and schedule to eliminate potential risks and plan the work to be executed safely. Harbour’s teams consider safety their primary focus while also understanding that it is the responsibility of everyone to keep the site safe and secure.

Site-Specific Safety Plans

In addition to our extensive corporate safety program, we also develop a site-specific safety plan for each project. The site-specific plan proactively addresses all specific hazards at the job site and simultaneously engages the services of a third-party safety consultant available to provide independent audits and inspections as necessary.

Audits Ensure Safe Working Environments

During construction, our field superintendents incorporate safety into every decision made. They continually monitor working habits and procedures. Regular audits are then performed to ensure a safe working environment. Compliance is part of our program, but our goal is not simply to comply; instead, our goal is that every person entering our site leaves the same way they arrived. Accomplishing this goal every day of every project is a team effort, and we encourage joint enforcement. Harbour empowers the team so that every person on the site can entirely stop work in an unsafe condition.



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