Construction Management furnishes our clients with a partner and advocates through every stage of their construction project. While also serving as a project delivery system in our toolbox which allows our team to facilitate both design and construction services while organizing teams, materials, and equipment. Construction Management evolved as the preferred method over the traditional design-bid-build method, or more commonly known as general contracting.

With Construction Management and General Contracting experience rooting back to 1959, Harbour’s team provides our clients with the construction expertise necessary and will professionally manage all aspects of your project from start to finish, including all aspects of your specific build, from well before groundbreaking until long after the ribbon-cutting ceremony.

The key components of Harbour’s Construction Management Services involve multiple critical phases. The phases include Project Planning, Design Team Management, Procurement Management, Construction Phase Management, and Project Close-Out.


Harbour will manage the early planning stages of the project and assist in site selection, design team selection, the scope of work development, conceptual budgeting, and financial planning to successfully get the project on the most efficient and economical path to achieve your desired goal.


Harbour will work closely with your design team to ensure that your project is designed in the most economical manner possible to meet your desired goal.  At the various stages of design, Harbour will perform constructability reviews and value engineering assessments to provide you with the information necessary to make the best decisions for your project.


Construction Management allows you to select a builder you can trust and rely on to manage the project and still receive the advantage of competitively bidding the individual trade contractor packages. Harbour will manage the entire bid process including development of bid packages, prequalification of trade contractors, bids receipt, scope reviews, and recommendations of the award.


Harbour will provide dedicated staff to effectively manage the entire construction process; including scheduling, coordination, trade contractor management, quality control, safety management, occupancy, and move-in.


Harbour will manage the entire close-out process to ensure that all final work is complete, the building is properly commissioned, the client’s staff receives all necessary training, and all as-built drawings, warranties, and waivers are properly prepared.

Harbour has substantial experience in successfully completing construction management projects, both the public and private sector, and will efficiently manage your project to ensure the maximum return on your budget.


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