One of the cornerstones of Harbour’s success is our pre-construction services. Throughout any of the services we provide our goal remains simple; look out for our client’s best interest and maximize the client’s return on investment.

Harbour’s pre-construction services were originally developed to ensure projects meet time and budget requirements while maintaining the highest level of quality construction. Our 60+ years of industry expertise, utilization of the latest available technologies, and comprehensive project management systems all work together to allow our team to accurately estimate the schedule and conduct constructibility and value engineering reviews.

Harbour will provide pre-construction services for your project either as a distinct task or as part of a greater construction management contract. With either scenario, thorough pre-construction planning with the early input of Harbour’s team is critically important in order to achieve significant savings in both cost and time for the project.

At the beginning of your project, every decision made has a significant impact on the structure’s final result. Since 1959, Harbour has believed in completing quality projects by utilizing time-tested methods and complex problem-solving skills to identify potential construction risks and eliminate costly impacts.

Harbour’s pre-construction team works side-by-side with the team of designers, owners, developers, and contractors in the conceptual design phase. This collaborative effort allows for various building system evaluations. Subsequently, this process also minimizes risks and allows Harbour to consistently achieve the highest level of quality assurance in every project we touch.



As Harbour’s team continues to grow, staff maintains an exceptional knowledge of all aspects of the construction industry and is dedicated to providing personalized service with integrity to all of our clients.

Recommendations for time and cost-saving alternatives follow Harbour’s reviews of constructibility, availability of materials, long lead times, and logistics.

We work to compare preliminary design specifications with potential alternatives from functional, cost, and scheduling perspectives. In your project, Harbour’s early involvement and expertise helps ensure a quality design prior to material procurement and trades begin. In result, costly changes minimize as the project gains traction.

At Harbour Contractors, Inc., we provide a full range of pre-construction services as part of our comprehensive construction management program, including complete evaluations and recommendations involving:

  • Conceptual Budgeting
  • Conceptual Design
  • Constructability Review
  • Long Lead Procurement
  • Cash Flow and Financial Planning
  • Scheduling
  • Feasibility Studies
  • Return on Investment
  • Value Engineering Analysis
  • Design Document QA/QC


It is never too early to get the Harbour pre-construction and general contracting team involved in your vision. We work to provide selective pre-construction services to fit your early-stage planning needs and assist in moving your project from concept to reality. Let us help you bring your vision to life today!

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