Construction Data, Modeling, and Engineering has been a focus at Harbour since 1990. From Surveying to Inspecting, hand measurements to laser, drafting to 3D modeling, index cards to databases, information management is vital to Harbour, and the use of current technology has always been our key to success. Our clients and their projects depend on us, which is why accuracy matters.

Harbour has a specialized team of experts dedicated to providing our clients with the best real-world construction solutions. We manage every step of the construction process for all jobs, regardless of the project, scale, or budget. This hands-on approach allows Harbour to ensure exceptional quality is delivered at the best value for our client’s investment.


  • 3D Laser Scanning
  • 3D As-Built Drawings
  • 3D Solar and Life-Cycle Study
  • Land Surveying
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Job-Site Time-Lapse Videos
  • 3D Thermal Graphics
  • 3D Environmental Impacts
  • Construction Surveying
  • Volumetric Computations
  • Asset Management
  • 3D BIM Management
  • 3D Quantity Take-Offs
  • Virtual Design Consulting
  • Drone Surveying
  • Earthwork Progress
  • Building Assessments



Harbour has always adopted technology at the early stages, and by doing so, we have also helped our clients find better solutions to their projects. We work with owners, architects, engineers, and contractors at every phase of the project. Collecting, managing, and modeling data to guarantee our client’s project obtains the most accurate and beneficial information needed to succeed.



Harbour’s team of professional Surveyors and Technicians provide the surveying services essential to keep airports operating daily without setbacks. Harbour understands the intricacies within airports, currently deeming Harbour as the preferred Surveyor for O’Hare International Airport and Chicago Midway International Airport.

Chicago has recently committed to a $6 billion capital investment plan to increase O’Hare Airport’s capacity by 60% and decrease delays by 79%. Harbour is proud to be a part of the O’Hare Modernization Program and is living up to the tasks given. The plan includes:

  • (4) new runways
  • Lengthening (2) runways
  • Decommission of (2) existing runways



Harbour Engineering will produce the professional land surveying services crucial to land development, infrastructure, and construction. Our goal is to supply our clients with the most accurate information in a timely and efficient manner.

Harbour is comfortable meeting intense schedules and project demands. Our resources allow Harbour to simultaneously provide surveying services on multiple projects without succumbing to the lack of attention, responsiveness, and quality needed to make a project successful.

Harbour has professional experience performing survey services for Industrial, commercial, retail, residential, aviation, municipal/federal facilities, utilities, as-builts, schools/education, civic, parks, recreational, athletic facilities, railroads, and land developments.


Our Engineers locate all existing structures and establish new benchmarks to be utilized in the construction phases of projects and developments. Utilities are located in the field and combined with existing as-built mapping to create comprehensive drawings representing existing conditions of the site.

Our team can verify, stake, and locate any dimension needed from the macro down to the nano dimensions. Harbour Engineering supports the client throughout the entire construction process and prepares final as-builts once all project improvements are completed.


Harbour Engineering excels in 3D software for surveying and construction project services. We provide 3D topographical models of all sites surveyed, and with the use of Revit, we can model any building or existing condition. With BIM, Harbour can also create 3D studies on complex building systems, spaces, solar diagrams, renderings, and clash detection. Harbour foresees the future and is currently providing Drone Surveying and Mapping.


BIM software combines geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities, and properties of building components into a single 3D model providing project data collection. Harbour and the construction team can then use this model to demonstrate the entire building life cycle, including the construction process. This allows our team to identify any conflicts and interference before actual construction; thus, costly errors are avoided, and precious time and money is saved.


Harbour Engineering covers massive amounts of land and data from Railroad SIT yards to quarries, new construction to existing conditions, and the built environment to open green space. We now measure things that we have never been able to and collect information/record data that we never imagined possible. Harbour Contractors, Inc. has committed to using drone technology and BIM on our projects to enhance our quality of accuracy of data collection.



  • Earthwork Progress and Tracking
  • Construction Job-Site Mapping
  • Pre-Construction Survey
  • Quantity Take-Offs
  • Asset Management
  • Construction Phase Monitoring
  • Aerial Mapping
  • Thermal-graphic
  • Volumetric Computations
  • Existing Building Conditions
  • Rooftop Evaluations
  • Erosion and Damage Assessments
  • Site Flybys


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