Harbour Contractors has been blessed with the presence of Denise Smith as an integral part of the company’s success since starting in 1996 with her first assignment at Airport Owners Representatives (AOR). PCH and the City created AOR to oversee all airport construction work. As the Project Administrator under Bill Paschen, Denise entered the construction industry.

In 1999, Denise was transferred to Harbour’s Downtown Chicago Office and was given the role of MBE/WBE Coordinator. In this role, she was critical with the South Shore Steel Site Remediation and Pre-Construction work for Solo Cup, which was supposed to take the South Shore site. Though that eventually fell through, Harbour completed the remediation project nonetheless with Denise’s watchful eye.

Under Chris Kozak, Denise was hired as an Estimating Administrator and was transferred to the Plainfield Office in 2004. Denise supported the Estimating Department and developed more efficient document distribution procedures for estimating until she was transferred to the airport in 2006 to assist with the O’Hare Modernization Program (OMP).

In the OMP role, she worked on various project teams rebuilding runways at O’Hare. Initially working for Ray Gooding, Denise took pride in seeing the aviation projects she was a part of take their shape from start to finish.

At the end of 2021, Denise’s role at the OMP ended, and she was transferred back to the Plainfield Office, where she was tasked with taking care of all of us! Collectively, we have to say that nothing beats walking into the office and being greeted by someone truly happy to be at their desk and assist you in any possible way, even if you just need a laugh.

Denise, we are sad to see you leave but happy for all the blessings to come for you in this next exciting chapter of your life. Your kind, warm heart has touched us all, and we will miss seeing your smiling face at the front desk. Thank you for the decades of relentless passion and unparalleled dedication you’ve brought to the Harbour team. You are one of a kind, and we’re beyond fortunate to have had you working with us for decades!

Wishing you well in retirement!! You deserve nothing short of THE BEST! Thank you for 26 incredible years with Harbour, Denise!


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