Harbour recently performed Topographical and 3D Scan services on a Palatine, IL job site that will eventually become home to the Windy City StormĀ hockey program. Located atĀ 519 South Consumers Avenue, the structure initially served as a community Bowling Alley and Paintball Park.


519 South Consumers Avenue | Harbour Contractors, Inc.


The scanning services provided by Harbour Contractors, Inc. were performed as an initial survey to collect data for the site’s upcoming retrofit project. Harbour’s industry-leading general contracting and construction team will be directly involved in the entire retrofit process and the construction of the new Windy City Storm hockey rink.


The job site, exterior, interior, and roof structure were 3D Scanned by Harbour’s team with advanced surveying technologies. The topographic contouring information obtained through the scanning services quickly and accurately created a 3D model of the job site’s existing conditions.



Harbour utilized the scans to produce the architectural As-Built Drawing Set. The drawing set is rendered with realistic material finishes and serves as a tool to track all changes from the original building plans.



The drawing set will also assist in building a foundation for the site’s structural retrofit. With the development and addition of a new hockey rink, the Windy City Storm aims to attract great talent worldwide and develop the athletes on and off the ice.


The Windy City Storm applies a holistic approach to growth on and off the ice by providing every athlete a clear development path. The Storm also believes that the journey through youth hockey is the platform for junior, college, and professional aspirations. Players that rise to this level often possess fundamentally strong skill sets, hockey instincts, and “IQ,” as well as the traits of a great teammate and person.


Harbour has a specialized team of experts dedicated to providing our clients with the best real-world construction solutions for their projects. Regardless of the project, scale, or budget, Harbour will manage every step of the process, personally ensuring that the required exceptional quality is delivered safely, efficiently, and at the best value for our client’s investments.


Harbour anticipates a 1 – 2 weeks turnaround to complete the Palatine structural retrofit for the Windy City Storm.


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