Harbour Contractors, Inc. was awarded the contract for the new animal control center, which began construction in September. The new facility moved just one mile north of its original location and will be much more suitable for the animals and easier for Romeoville residents to access. The project was made possible in part through donations from community and business partners.

Romeoville Animal Control Shelter

The lost animals of Romeoville now have a little more space to roam with the opening of the new animal control shelter on Anderson Drive. The new Village of Romeoville Animal Control Shelter facility is equipped with nine kennels, two of which are larger to accommodate bigger breeds. All kennels have their own individual doors that connect the inner kennels to the outer kennels so the animals may roam at their will and enjoy the fresh air outside. When it comes time to stretch their legs, the animals also have access to a fenced-in, pond-side yard. The new structure was designed by Wight & Company and built by Harbour Contractors, Inc.

Romeoville Animal Control Center

The ribbon-cutting ceremony was formally held on July 10th, 2018 at the new facility and included commentary from Mayor John Noak regarding the project’s funding, among other things.

“Some very passionate people have been behind this project,” said Mayor John Noak. “We have had a lot of businesses and individuals make donations to getting the new animal control shelter built, and that goal has been achieved.”


Residents who find lost animals should immediately contact the animal warden by calling: 815-886-1018.

Those who have lost a pet have been instructed to also call the same number to see if their missing friend is occupying the new facility.

For more information regarding the new Romeoville Animal Control Center, please contact Dawn Caldwell, Assistant Village Manager at 815-886-0279.

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