Harbour Contractors, Inc. happily sponsored Illinois Select 16u of Illinois Select Fastpitch Inc.

This non-profit sports organization pours all of its resources into providing the best training, facilities, technology, and gameplay experience to its players and families. A dedicated program and culture collectively advance skills through consistent instruction, quality organized practices, and a competitive environment where game practices are more demanding than games, making games less intimidating.

Illinois Select Fastpitch Inc.’s focus on inspiring confidence and character to our community’s young women and future leaders is essential, and Harbour is proud to help!

Illinois Select 16 Softball Team
Illinois Select 16u Softball Team – Minooka, IL

At IL Select you will learn that hard work with proper technique and training will take your game to a whole new level, which is why Il Select was founded. Too many organizations are not providing players with the fundamental techniques to build on for years to come.  Too many organizations are relying on old outdated teaching techniques that just simply do not work. Once the player advances to the high school or college level, many coaches are spending time un-teaching the bad habits that have been formed.

IL Select will work alongside the player and parent for those countless reps to help promote proper fundamentals and technique. We will teach the player and parent (if desired) not only how to do it, but why they are doing it, and what happens if you do not use the proper technique.

To learn more about IL Select or to provide sponsorship, please visit their website here.

Illinois Select 16 Softball Team
Illinois Select 16u Softball Team – Harbour Contractors, Inc. Sponsorship

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