Every day when we walk onto a job site, we know what’s on the line. The work. Our reputations. A paycheck. But most importantly, what’s really on the line are the lives and livelihood of every person on the job site. That’s why we will do everything in our power to ensure that every one of us is safe. Our commitment to safety is a promise to ourselves, our co-workers, and the families who rely and count on us. Safety Week is our opportunity to recognize and celebrate that promise to do whatever it takes to send everyone home safely every day.

Safety Week 2022

Safety is a bond that unites us. It’s our connection to each other and something bigger than ourselves. Being connected gives us strength because it means we are not alone in building a stronger, safer industry, and in creating a safe, supportive environment for our workers. Supported means we are here for one another, and we have each other’s backs in every possible way, providing the tools and resources necessary to ensure everyone can do their best work and return home safely every day. When we’re connected and supported, we are better able to help ourselves and our teams stay present and focused on the job. We are better able to create a culture and workplace where everyone feels safe. The more we stay connected and committed, the more we can show up fully to support one another. And the more we feel supported, the more safe choices we make, and the better work we deliver, leading to safer selves, safer teams, and safer job sites. (Construction Safety Week)

With an industry-leading safety record, Harbour understands the critical importance of prioritizing safety management in every endeavor. We embody a “Safety Culture” which prioritizes our people and their well-being to ensure that everyone goes home at the end of each workday. We fully understand that our most valuable asset is our people and that no job or service is worth sacrificing safety.


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