Work in the construction industry becomes significantly more difficult and dangerous when severe winter conditions occur especially in the Midwest region.

The unpredictability of the changing weather demands that our teams are properly prepared for anything headed their way, including freezing rain, water, snowfall, sleet, hail, and icy conditions.

Though extreme winter weather conditions are highly challenging and introduce new possible hazards to the construction worksite, our goal is to always maintain our solid integrity by continuing to meet our schedule and deadlines regardless of unforeseen weather conditions.

Correct winterization practices allow our teams to continue to work safely and efficiently as inclement weather is added into the mix. Winterizing construction sites is critically important and serves as an integral part of our industry-leading safety program, which has resulted in zero fatalities in our 60+ year company history.


Harbour progresses on winter construction projects safely and efficiently by properly winterizing our construction sites. We maintain our safety program as our top priority, for every construction job. Site safety is no “industry buzzword” for Harbour; safety is truly our culture and is embedded in all that we do. We take significant additional precautions to provide safety measures across the entire job site for our teams working in the field in the winter season.

  1. The first step in winterizing a construction site involves understanding the construction schedule activities which will take place in conjunction with the cold weather and beginning to plan work accordingly. We ensure that our on-site teams, including all subcontractors and other personnel, are equipped with proper winter gear and personal protective equipment: boots, gloves, hats, face masks, and coats.
  2. Additionally, identifying the project’s construction activities that will be most affected by the winter conditions, such as masonry, concrete, painting, and more is critical. This identification process allows the Harbour team to stay on schedule with each of the projects that are ongoing throughout the winter season.
  3. It is also very important to note that the frigid winter weather has the power to freeze on-site construction materials. Harbour proactively utilizes materials specifically catered to the season for winter work, including specialty paints, adhesives, and additives that can properly be installed or applied at temperatures below freezing. And, just like everywhere else, snow on the job site must be removed, and the grounds must be properly salted to eliminate ice-related hazards on the grounds of our construction projects.


Though weather changes may seem trivial, they must remain a paramount concern in any professional construction company that wishes to provide services safely and successfully in the winter season. Harbour fully understands winterization and instills an extensive list of cold-weather practices to our on-site teams, ensuring all necessary safety precautions are taken and everyone involved in the project is on the same page, from day one.


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