When a railroad track experiences an outage, there is no doubt that the operation of the track is disrupted, and it becomes impossible to transport goods or passengers along it. Various factors, including accidents, weather conditions, or other unforeseen circumstances, could cause this unfortunate situation and bring business operations to a complete halt.

During such an outage, trains cannot operate on the affected section of the track, leading to significant delays, rerouting, and even the outright cancellation of train services. For businesses that rely heavily on rail transportation, an outage is a significant emergency that demands immediate attention to minimize transportation disruption and restore normal operations promptly.

Harbour Rail responded promptly to resolve a customer’s track outage, which required an extensive project lasting 10 hours. The project involved the removal of a complete #10 cross-over, 100 feet of track panels, and 280 feet of rail. The grade was cut, and a new crossover, panels, and rail were installed. Ballast was added to the track, which was surfaced, lined, and dressed. The joints were then thermite welded to complete the project. Three excavators with two loaders were used simultaneously to lift approximately 350 track feet, restoring the track to function as necessary for our client’s ongoing operations.

At Harbour Rail, we are the trusted industry source for track solutions nationwide. Our self-performing rail team provides prompt and professional service to resolve any track issues immediately. With our commitment to quality and safety, you can rest assured that your rail transportation needs are in good hands. We want to help you keep your operations running smoothly with our reliable track solutions. Let’s talk today!


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