Building Information Modeling

Harbour has always been an early adopter of new technology. We continuously evaluate leading-edge technologies and implement those that will improve our performance for our clients. One of the latest technologies being introduced into the construction industry is building information modeling (BIM).

BIM combines geometry, spatial relationships, geographic information, quantities, and properties of building components into a single, 3-dimensional model.  Harbour and the construction team can then use this model to demonstrate the entire building life cycle including the construction process. By indentifying conflicts and interferences before actual construction, costly errors are avoided and precious time is saved. The final model is then available and enables the owner to demonstrate facility operations.

BIM Benefits

Using BIM has helped our company capture these benefits for our clients and has resulted in smoother transitions from construction documents to the actual building process. If you have a complex project, let Harbour demonstrate how BIM can save your company time and money while improving the quality of the finished product.


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